Royales No.9 Parlour Back Box


No.9 Parlour Back
An authentic, vintage casino inspired deck for everyday play

Royales No.9 Parlour Back Fan

Royales No.9 Parlour Back Aces
Royales No.9 Parlour Back Courts
Royales No.9 Parlour Back Spread

Royales No.9 Parlour Back Joker
Royales No.9 Parlour Back Seal

Royales No.9 Parlour Back Muck
Royales PNo.9 Parlour Back Box Side
Royales No.9 Parlour Back Tuck Flap

Your new, old favorite.


Over decades handling cards for magic, playing or just passing time, the old standards have always managed to find a place at the table. Traditional, old-world designs with reliable high-quality handling. True “worker” decks.

Inspired to pay the perfect tribute to those everyday favourites and long-time classics, we’ve designed our very own.

Introducing, Royales Standard No.9. A re-imagined classic, it’s a vintage casino deck designed to be perfectly at home anywhere, not just the high-roller tables. Featuring an exclusive Royales Monte Carlo 'Parlour Back' vintage design and housed in an authentic styled, single-ink tuck box, secured with a tax stamp-like seal, you can almost feel a century of rich history behind it.

Printed on Classic crushed card stock with an embossed linen performance finish, they handle beautifully straight out of the box. With traditional style custom faces, classic colors and unique No.9 Ace of Spades. A high-quality deck born to break it's seal and get to work.

Our most affordable deck of premium quality playing cards. Make the Royales Standards one of your new favorite standards and bring some Monte Carlo casino class into your everyday.

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