Empire Limited Luxury Playing Cards


Beautiful. Bold. Rare.
Legendary playing cards, built to conquer.

Empire Limited Box


He lives for it.
The thrill of the hunt and the rush of finding the rarest treasures. He’s a fine art dealer of a different breed. A playing card connoisseur who knows what a true rarity is better than most who dare call themselves “collectors”.

Empire Limited Box Back


Rare means more than a just limited number.
Rare is courage. Integrity. It’s risking your all in the battle to do what matters to you most. With daring passion and over a year in the making, the beautiful Empire playing cards are the kind of rare he hunted for the most.

Empire Limited Aces
Empire Limited Jokers
Empire Limited Courts
Empire Limited Tuck Flap


Every bold and obsessive detail bear the scars of the artists story.
An undying desire to inspire others. A mission to prove that doing what makes us come alive, against the odds, is the only thing worth living for. By this measure, Empire is among the rarest of them all.

Empire Limited Back Fan
Empire Limited Box


It’s the risks we take that define us.
It’s the choices we make that lead us to greatness. A mans life is his Empire. Live one worth remembering.

Empire Limited Edition.

Bold, commanding and obsessively intricate. Inspired by an epic age of great Empires, when heroes and legends were born on the battlefields. Cards built to conquer, the Empire deck marks the dawn of our own playing card legacy and will become an iconic piece of yours.

Empire is a beautifully custom illustrated piece of playing card art, painstakingly designed over 12 months and 2 continents by Kings & Crooks artist and founder, Lee McKenzie. Unavailable since 2013, it's our first and rarest creation and has become one of the most highly sought after decks in the modern playing card world.

Dare to break the Empire seal and you'll find they handle as magnificently as they look. A limited run produced at the finest quality by the U.S. Playing Card Co., they're treasured by collectors the world over. More than just a rare piece of playing card history, Empire is an obsessively beautiful deck that embodies our very mission at Kings & Crooks. To inspire you to live bolder, and make your own mark.

Some cards have a story. Empires have a legend. It's time to build your own.

*Also now available as a 'stripper' trick deck in the Empire 'Elite Stripper' Deck Series.


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