Before Kings & Crooks existed, humbling support for our early playing card designs not only found a passionate following that spanned the USA, but stretched around the globe. From our founders original homeland UK and across Europe, to Canada, Australia, throughout Asia, Russia and more...

Excited to continue to share our art with magicians, cardists and connoisseurs around the world, we're thrilled to offer global shipping from our US based warehouse via the United States Postal Service.

Unfortunately, we do not yet offer courier or guaranteed delivery times with services like FedEx or UPS. Not yet anyway.


With our primary shipping base in the USA, were happy to offer free standard shipping for all U.S. orders over $100, and will automatically include insurance. As we grow, we'd love to be able to expand this to include more beneficial shipping options for international customers too. Stay tuned.


Shipping rates will be calculated at checkout using real-time carrier rates based package weight and dimensions plus handling. They will include all costs associated with shipping your goods out, including packaging, handling and service fees. Insurance is automatically included for all orders over $100.

Once a package safely leaves our warehouse, the customer assumes responsibility for any additional fees or charges that may arise. Please be aware that for international customers (outside the U.S.), this may include additional import taxes and/or customs fees, depending on your country.


Although we cannot guarantee exact delivery times with the United States Postal Service (unlike using the more expensive FedEx or UPS), for the price they're a great option. Typical delivery times for packages sent via USPS First-Class and Priority are:

Within United States
USPS First Class - 2 to 5 business days
USPS Priority - 1 to 3 business days

USPS First Class International - 5 to 15 business days
USPS Priority International - 4 to 8 business days

USPS First Class International - 7 to 21 business days (usually arrives within 2 weeks, but can take up to 6-8 on very rare occasions)
USPS Priority International - 6 to 10 business days

*Please note: The United States Postal Service does not reliably update the tracking of International packages once they leave the US (see below).


Every USPS package we send out to an eligible destination has a unique Delivery Confirmation number which can be tracked via a link in your shipping confirmation email or by entering the number on the USPS website. However, Delivery Confirmation numbers for international packages (outside of the US) are not reliably updated by USPS once they leave the U.S., so we class it as un-trackable. As such, we will not be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.

*Sometimes, once the package enters your country, you can get more accurate delivery updates by entering your USPS Delivery Confirmation number into your countries national courier service website. E.g. Parcel Force in the UK.


By law, all packages are have their value marked on the outside. This means that, upon entering some countries, your government may apply customs fees and/or taxes to your package. This is out of our control and as these fees are unavoidable in some countries, we cannot be held responsible. It's up to each international customer to pay them.

We all know how annoying unexpected fees can be. It's just one of those things that comes with the territory when shipping internationally. There is no legal way for us to minimize this unfortunately.

To avoid any surprise, you can find the expected rates and fees (if any) on your countries government website.

If you ship a lot internationally, Duty Calculator is also great resource to help you figure out any potential fees you may incur from shipping certain items to your country.

Please note: We do not offer any refunds for shipping or the cost of your order if you refuse to pay customs fees and/or duty charges. Any returned packages we receive as a result of a buyers refusal to pay or leaving the package unclaimed, will be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. 


Once a package safely leaves our warehouse with the USPS, Kings & Crooks cannot be held accountable for missing, lost or stolen packages. Please refer to the delivery times above for expected delivery times. In our experience, if delivery of the package has not yet been confirmed on the USPS site and it hasn't arrived within the expected window, 99% of the time the package usually arrives shortly after that time. If significant time has passed beyond the expected delivery date and delivery status indicates that it hasn't been delivered, enquiring with your local post office or parcel carrier for assistance will be your best course of action. Failing that, contact us here and we can try to help figure it out with you.


While we do our best to offer shipping to a majority of countries, due to certain local restrictions or customs import laws in some countries, we may be unable to ship to your location.

We also may not ship to certain countries due to frequent cases of fraud, experiencing delivery issues or other problems. In these cases, we suggest using a third-party US shipping service to make the purchase on your behalf and we can ship it to them, who will then forward it to you. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience.