Green Empire Bloodlines Box


Greatness runs within.
The Emerald green edition of the latest, legendary deck in the Empire series.

Green Empire Bloodlines Box Sides


Shielded in a velvet soft, pure white case.
Adorned with a bold, precision embossed, wrap around design, the box itself is a beauty to behold. Crowned with glistening silver foil accents and a custom closure seal, the Empire Bloodlines are made of more.

Green Empire Bloodlines Aces


Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder, but quality is found in the details.
Designed from the ground up, they're an elegant fusion of beautifully bold and highly functional. From the backs, faces and intricate pips to the jokers and the reimagined court cards, the Bloodlines leave no detail untouched.

Green Empire Bloodlines Faces
Green Empire Bloodlines Inner Tuck
Green Empire Bloodlines Back


You’re the author of your own story. The hero in your own life.
Like all great heroes, the Bloodlines bow to no-one. With unique, striking, border-defying backs, they tell a fearless story of courage, victory and inspiring greatness. An iconic design guarded edge-to-edge by its signature Empire band.

Green Empire Bloodlines Spread
Green Empire Bloodlines Box
Green Empire Bloodlines Jokers
Green Empire Bloodlines Back Edges


No one is born great. You create who you choose to be.
Crafted with a daring spirit and a powerful design, the Bloodlines are built for those who know that greatness is to be achieved, not waited for. By choice, not chance.

Green Empire Bloodlines Courts


Inspired by a legendary age. Where great honor and victory were won on the battlefield. The Bloodlines are the latest, daring edition of our Empire saga. Successor to our treasured and highly coveted Empire playing cards, it's a fearless deck that kicks dirt in the face of the playing card norm.

From the epic and ornate engraved-style backs and the striking court cards, to the elegant, completely re-imagined pip design and iconic Bloodlines ace of spades. They're a courageous deck with powerful story-telling design. A commanding, custom illustrated blend of beauty and boldness in every card.

Made in the USA on FSC-certified, premium quality casino grade stock. They're tough. Lasting. With a superior quality finish for high performance handling combined with a traditional cut, the preferred choice for expert card handlers, the Empire Bloodlines will stand up to a beating better than most.

Breath-taking playing cards with a brave mission. The Empire Bloodlines dare you to look within, step out of line, and build your own Empire. It’s in your blood.

*Also available in Royal Blue