Empire Bloodlines Uncut Limited Edition


Luxurious uncut art from the Limited Edition playing cards.

Empire Bloodlines Uncut Ltd Ace
Empire Bloodlines Uncut Ltd Curve
Empire Bloodlines Uncut Ltd Faces
Empire Bloodlines Uncut Ltd Close

Uncut Luxury

Beautiful. Sophisticated. Dripping in rich, deep blacks and shimmering metallic golds, the luxurious uncut sheet of the Empire Bloodlines Limited Edition playing cards is a beautiful piece of art and one, fine collectors item.

Carefully pulled straight off the press before being cut into the deck itself, it's a genuine, behind-the-scenes memento that exudes class. In pride of place adorning the walls of your italian mansion, or hanging proudly amongst your rare card collections, it never fails to command attention.

Manufactured at Legends Playing Card Co. on imported european paper with a classic finish, it will ship separately and arrive to you in it's own special, protective art tube. Like the Bloodlines Limited Edition cards themselves, once the last one is claimed, they're gone for good.

With only 50 available, it's a luxury piece of playing card art that only few will call their own.

*Measures approx. 23.5" x 22". Deck not included.

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