Empire Uncut Sheet

Empire Limited Ed.
Uncut Sheet

Breath-taking playing card art from
the rare, Empire Limited Editions.

Empire Ace Uncut Sheet
Empire Deck Uncut Sheet
Empire Joker Uncut Sheet
Empire Backs Uncut Sheet
Empire Inner Uncut Sheet

Art of an Empire

The Empire Limited Edition Uncut Sheet is an extremely rare, behind-the-scenes memento from the actual manufacturing process of our highly coveted deck. Beautiful, custom back design on one side, intricate faces on the other, it's a work of art and a treasured collectors piece like no other.

Just 100 sheets were pulled straight off the print press at the United States Playing Card Co., before being cut and assembled into the final, limited edition deck. They've remained publicly unavailable since 2013 and have only ever been released to a select few.

Each sheet will ship separately and arrive to you carefully rolled in it's own special protective tube. Never to be printed again, the Empire Limited Edition uncut sheet is a breath-taking piece of playing card art, fit to adorn the walls of any serious card connoisseurs kingdom.

* Measures approx. 22"w x 26.5"h. Empire deck is not included.

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