This design was such a fun project to work on. The phrase Behind Every Product is a Person really struck a chord with me personally as a maker and designer. I started by sketching out a variety of layouts and knew I wanted to place the main emphasis on the word “person.” From there I worked through multiple iterations of the design integrating my hand-drawn script with the clean, modern typeface until I landed on the final piece that you see here. I’m really happy with how the final design turned out.

We live in a culture that’s quick to consume whatever is the cheapest, fastest, and newest. Rarely do we stop to think about who actually spent time to make the things that we use and enjoy every day. Whether it’s a craftsman in another country or a chef at a local restaurant, there are real people behind everything. I’m excited about the #knowwhomadeit campaign because it highlights those people.

Being a maker myself has caused me to consider which products I purchase and think more about the where and how they were made. I’ve been a fan long-time fan of Krochet Kids intl. and their transparency about how their products are made is what initially drew me in.


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