Warrior Card Armour

Half card clip. Half battle armour. Limited Edition.
Legendary deck protection.

Warrior Card Armour Close Up


An epic leap in card clip evolution. The Warrior is custom-built battle armour to protect your deck. Forged to push the creative limits and enhance your passion for playing cards, it's a world first and a bold new breed of playing card protection.

Warrior Card Armour Side Detail
Warrior Card Armour Back Detail
Warrior Card Armour with Deck


A tactical merger of form and function. The brutal exterior distressing may look battle-worn and fresh from the fight, but the interior is a smooth custom-designed secure hold, built to adapt to the majority of the world’s playing cards with ease.

Warrior Card Armour Back Close Detail


Five years in the making. The fight to bring it this armour to life was one that was almost lost. Years of relentless passion and an undying belief finally gave rise to the Warrior Card Armour. Much more than a mere clip, it's an innovative, 3d sculpted deck holder and a truly unique collectors’ item

Warrior Card Armour Standing
Warrior Luxury Box

Warrior Card Armour

Half card clip, half battle armour. Five challenging years in the making, the Warrior Card Armour is a custom-designed deck holder like no other in the playing card world.

Forged in fire and cast with artistic precision, it’s menacing style is inspired by the brutal battle armour of ancient gladiators. Created by UK designer and Kings & Crooks founder Lee McKenzie, each one is built from zinc alloy and comes scarred and battle-torn, fresh from the fight with heavily distressed hand finishing. No two are the same.

Featuring an adaptable inner flex-plate, the Warrior is specifically engineered to fit the majority of standard poker-sized decks*. Originally introduced alongside our Empire playing card series, it perfectly holds your favorite card brands such as Bicycle, Bee, Tally-Ho and more by premium producers like U.S. Playing Card Co.

Unlike traditional card clips that can crush your card box, the Warrior allows your everyday decks to be securely held and removed with ease, no matter if you're using 52 cards or 56. A tactical merger of form and function, it's a bold new breed of card carry.

Presented in a luxurious, soft-touch matte black box with silver foil embossing and velvet interior finishing, it’s the ultimate gift for premium playing card collectors everywhere.

A limited production of only 1000, most have been taken by our Kickstarter supporters. What remains is all there will ever be. Born to break the creative molds and fuel our playing card passion, the legendary Warrior Card Armour is now unleashed.

Size: ~ 4" x 3" x 1.25"  Weight: ~ 285 g / 10 oz *Recommended for decks upto (mm): 92 x 66 x 18 (Bicycle, Bee, Tally-Ho etc.)

*For an epic match up, why not pair the Warrior with our luxury Limited Edition Empire Bloodlines Playing Cards