Royales ‘X’ Reserve

Excess gold foiled decks (non-gilded) that were not part of the
deluxe and exclusive 888 Private Reserve Limited Editions


In order to produce the luxurious limited run of only 888 Royales Private Reserves, we had to agree to make 1000 decks minimum, which is often the case with such limited runs. All 1000 decks made featured gold foil backs and faces printed on on the True Linen B9 Slimline stock, placed inside a matching custom luxury white and gold foil embossed soft-touch tuckbox.

However, of this 1000, only 888 decks went on to get gold gilded edges and have all of the extra expense invested into creating the exclusive deluxe upgrades which became the 888 Royales Private Reserves (which are sold out.)

So what happens to the excess decks that didn't get the gold edge gilding and the limited edition deluxe packaging upgrades to become part of the rare 888?

There's less than 100 left of these and I'm calling these excess decks the Royales X Reserve. X for eXcess, eXtra, eXcluded (not part of the 888 Private Reserves). Here's what features they do share with the 888 Private Reserves:

- Same beautiful custom gold foiled backs and faces throughout the deck
- Printed on the premium grade Slimline B9 stock with True Linen finish
- Custom white and gold foiled and embossed soft-touch tuckbox
- Cellophane wrapped deck and box for protection
- Limited (only 112 exist, approx 80 are available)

However, they do not come with any of the deluxe enhancements which were exclusive to the 888 Royales Private Reserves, like:

- No gold gilded edges
- No foiled pressed and individually numbered cigar band wrapped
- Not artist signed
- No custom gold deck seal
- No deluxe white leather and gold embossed collectors box

For any original Kickstarter backer who either did not managed to secure one of the 888's, or who did but doesn't want to open them, these Royales X Reserves are the perfect addition that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the deck with less worry about opening and destroying a rare Limited Edition Private Reserve 888.

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