Royales 'X' Players


Surplus luxury vintage casino-back playing cards
in a white box with a dark secret.


Straight from the high-roller tables in our vintage inspired Monte Carlo casino, the Royales Players are an exclusive, luxury gamblers deck. Deluxe borderless-backs and fully custom faces, all branded in the prestigious Royales casinos' signature house style.

However, as excess production decks they are heavily discounted and come housed in plain white tuck boxes without cello-wrap, instead of the beautiful black custom foiled tuck box with red seal.

Drenched edge-to-edge in a deep, rich black and laced with shimmering gold ink throughout, the Noir edition is the ultimate in sophistication. Every buttery table spread, flawless shuffle and silky deal is a reminder that you’re not playing the low limit tables anymore.

For those dealers in deception, the Noir edition has a secret. Hidden on the casino-style diamond back is a devastatingly simple coded marking system, in 2 locations. Easy-to-read at a glance no matter which way the deck lies, you’ll be locked and loaded, ready for some deceptive delight whenever the moment strikes. (Or you can always play it straight, the markings are almost invisible to the untrained eye.)

Made from Premium Crushed casino-grade card stock, cut traditionally and finished with performance coating, they handle like a dream, right out of the box. The only choice for high-end hustler and card connoisseurs, the Royales Players Noir are the ultimate, luxury vintage casino deck.

These Royales Players Noir decks are in a plain white box without cellophane or seal, perfect for playing without the guilt of breaking the seal on those in your collection.

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