Gilded Royales Players Rouge Tuckbox

Royales Players


The ultimate, luxury casino-style playing cards
for high-roller players and high-end collectors.

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Gilded Royales Players Rouge Deck Cut
Gilded Royales Players Rouge Edge
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Gilded Royales Players Rouge Face Fan
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Gilded Royales Players Rouge Ace of Spades
Gilded Royales Players Rouge Court Cards


Straight from the vault in our vintage inspired Monte Carlo casino, the Gilded Royales Players Rouge are an exclusive, Limited Edition luxury gamblers deck.

Each deck comes laced with mesmerizing gold foil edges, deluxe borderless-backs and fully custom faces in matching metallic gold, all branded in the prestigious Royales casinos' signature house style.

Drenched edge-to-edge in a deep, lush red and laced with shimmering gold ink throughout, the Gilded Rouge edition is the ultimate in sophistication. Every buttery table spread, flawless shuffle and silky deal is a reminder that you’re not playing the low limit tables anymore.

Housed in a luxuriously soft-touch box. It’s finely embossed and hot stamped in exquisite gold foil detailing, inside and out. Wrapped in a custom gold foil-pressed cigar band, they're individually numbered especially for collectors. Beautifully finished with a custom gold-trimmed, 3-sided seal, perforated for a refined and gentlemanly opening.

Made from Premium Crushed casino-grade card stock, cut traditionally and finished with performance coating, they handle like a dream, right out of the box. The only choice for high-end hustler and card connoisseurs, the Gilded Royales Players Rouge are the ultimate, luxury vintage casino deck.


In 2020, a Limited Edition of 1650 were Gilded exclusively for each Kickstarter backer who pledged for them. Unfortunately, a number of backers later abandoned their pledges leaving approx 30 decks orphaned and homeless. Kept safe in storage, waiting to be reclaimed, but over 2 years nobody showed up.

They deserve more. So, these last unclaimed decks are now released to you to give them a home this festive season. Previously only available on Kickstarter, this is the first and last chance there'll ever be to get the Gilded Limited Edition of the luxurious Royales 'Players' Rouge.

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