Royales Blue Tuckbox



Escape to an unforgettable night of glitz, glamour
and fortune at a vintage Monte Carlo casino.

Royales Midnight Blue Ace of Spades

Royales Midnight Blue Court Cards
Royales Midnight Blue Back Design
Royales Midnight Blue Box Side

Royales Midnight Blue Back Fan
Royales Midnight Blue Box Flap Detail

Royales Midnight Blue Joker
Royales Midnight Blue Box Back


You’re invited to escape into a thrilling world of luck and luxury. An unforgettable evening of glitz, glamour and fortune at a fictional, vintage-era Monte Carlo casino.

Dripping in undeniable flair, the Royales Playing Cards celebrate a flourishing line between modern-minimal and old-world-classic style. Elegantly playful, but ultra-sophisticated. Gold inks dance in the light across the 54 custom crafted faces, while the casino-inspired back design is emblazoned with the latin, “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat”, Fortune Favors the Bold. A call to a self-made destiny that the Royales dare to inspire within you.

Flawlessly encased in unfathomable class and quality, Royales come in a beautiful custom box, luxuriously soft to the touch. Finely embossed and masterfully pressed in gold foil and ivory detailing, outside, and in. Secured with a scarlet and metallic gold custom Royales seal, it's perfectly perforated to allow a more refined, gentlemanly opening.

Printed in the USA on Crushed Premium casino-grade paper with a performance coating finish, they handle exceptionally right out of the box. Designed by Lee McKenzie, after years in the making across two continents, Royales gained world notoriety almost overnight. Now they're our most wanted and celebrated deck, ever.

With high-end prestige and timeless class, they command attention effortlessly on any card table or connoisseurs prized collection. Making their mark in modern playing card history and in the hearts of fellow card lovers around the globe, the Royales have raised the game.