Outlaw Hell Riders Limited Edition Playing Cards


A dirty-dealing deck for natural born hell-raisers.

Outlaw Hell Riders Court Cards
Outlaw Hell Riders Back Design


A low down and dirty deck that's been through hell and back. Lost amongst the burned out, cracked and vintage back design of the Hell Riders Limited Edition is a secret weapon. An easy-to-read and almost impossible to detect marking system reveals the identity of each card at a glance. Once you know the secret that is.

Outlaw Hell Riders King


A badass crew of rebel courts and bold, gritty faces, each card is custom treated and individually distressed for a realistic weathered look. Rough riders with plenty of stories to tell, the Hell Riders are only for the hardcore.

Outlaw Hell Riders Joker King
Outlaw Hell Riders Box Back
Outlaw Hell Riders Ace of Spades


When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free. The outlaw doesn't live a cautious life that fades away to dust. He goes out blazing a trail of thunder, screeching on the two wheels of his iron horse, smashing into his grave sideways in a big cloud of thick black smoke screaming, "WHAT-A-RIDE!!"


The Hell Riders are a force to be reckoned with. The Limited Edition of our original Outlaw playing cards, it's a low down and dirty deck that's been through hell and back. Each card has a burned out, vintage cracked red back design and custom treated, individually distressed faces. No two are the same.

Weapons of mass deception, the Outlaw Hell Riders carry a dirty little secret hidden amongst the dirt and grime of each back design. Easy to read and almost impossible to detect, we've designed a marking system that can be read at a glance to reveal the identity of every card in the deck. When you've been through hell, you learn a trick or two.

Only 1000 made, one print run of the Hell Riders is all there will be. Made in the USA on Premium, casino-grade, crushed card stock with an air-cushion finish, they're a high-quality beast of a deck. Caged in a cracked and creased-looking matt finish embossed tuck case, complete with our Outlaw manifesto print inside, it's finished with custom designed vintage seal keeps this dirty deck fresh and protected.

With these dirty devils in your hands it's time to raise a little hell. Get 'em while they're hot.

*Also available in smokey black and lightning white Outlaw original edition

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