Outlaw Poker Coin

Outlaw Poker Card Guard

A custom built card protector with a bad attitude.

Outlaw Poker Coin Kings and Crooks Logo


Featuring the skull and bone ace of spades patch from the Outlaw playing cards on one side, and our Kings & Crooks lion head logo on the other, this is a coin truly fit for an outlaw. With slick black paint and a polished, 3d sculpted silver nickel body, it glistens like a mean V-Twin Harley thundering through the night. Sitting fat at 2 inches wide with hardcore 3d chain edging, it's one mean mutha.

Outlaw Poker Card Guard Coin Close

Play Hell.

Inspired by the Outlaw playing cards, this mean mother of a card guard is built big and bad like a Harley body. Sitting thick at 2 inches wide with a glistening finish of high-gloss black paint and highly polished silver nickel, heads will turn wherever it goes.

Encircled in 3d-sculpted chain edging and art taken directly from the Outlaw playing cards themselves, it's a custom built coin of anarchy ready to intimidate the table and protect your poker hand.

Carry it for protection at the table, or in your pocket on the street as a reminder to live free, ride hard and play hell.

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