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Lie Cheat Deal T-Shirt

Words to live by for dealers in deception.

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For the brave and the down right dangerous.
Those who know their 'seconds' from their 'greeks'. 'Centers' from their 'bottoms'.
The trouble-makers with a passion for playing in the shade.

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Lie, cheat and deal. The hustlers’ code.
It takes guts to make moves under fire. And cold, hard experience not to get burned. For some, “...there is only one pleasure greater than winning, that is, in making the hazard” – S.W. Erdnase, EATCT, 1902.

Lie. Cheat. Deal.

If you’re going to play dangerously, you'd better look sharp.

Printed in the USA on a midnight-black, super-soft, premium quality shirt. Made from 100% cotton with a modern cut for a fitted style, it feels as good as it looks. In storm-grey ink around the blade of a Kings sword, the words to live by for those who deal in the art of deception.

Lie truthfully. Cheat honestly. Deal deceptively.