Empire Limited Edition Stripper Deck

Empire Ltd. Ed. 'Strippers'

In 2013, the Empire Limited Edition became a rare and highly sought after deck and only a handful of custom 'stripper' trick decks were offered to Kickstarter backers. Now, after years locked away in our private collection we're finally releasing the few elite strippers we have left.

Empire Limited Fan
Empire Limited Jokers
Empire Limited Courts
Blue Empire Bloodlines Box

Blue Bloodlines 'Strippers'

Stripper decks are also available in our Empire Bloodlines edition decks, complete with the elite grade cut for a pro-level performance. Created in 2014, these Stripper decks have never been released outside of the original Kickstarter launch until now.

Blue Empire Bloodlines Fan
Blue Empire Bloodline Aces
Blue Empire Bloodlines Deck
Green Empire Bloodlines Box

Green Bloodlines 'Strippers'

Our elite grade stripper decks are also now available in the emerald green Empire Bloodlines editions to complete the Empire Stripper deck Series.

Green Empire Bloodlines Faces
Green Empire Bloodlines Inner Tuck

Empire Series Stripper Decks

Expertly crafted trick decks custom-made from our Empire series of playing cards, 'stripper' decks are a standard deck of cards that has been specially modified to enable you to perform expert level card magic miracles in seconds with zero sleight-of-hand.

Perform effects like:
· Cut to the aces every time from a completely shuffled deck
· Control the location of one or many chosen cards at any time
· Shuffle and deal a Royal flush straight off the top
· Instantly separate entire suits, values or colors in just one cut
· and more...

Masterfully hand-cut by Jeremy Hanrahan to his Elite Grade standards, they offer much finer cut for a more deceptive, pro-level stripper deck that's almost undetectable in the eyes or hands of a spectator.

With minimal practice, you'll be able to create god-like card magic miracles that ordinarily would take years to master. A unique and extremely deceptive weapon that every card magician should have in their arsenal.

* Quantities are extremely limited.

** Please note, custom 'stripping' was done after factory production so all decks will arrive with seals broken and do not include handling instructions.

*** DISCOUNTED *** Empire Bloodlines Blue and Green decks are all lightly damaged and/or discolored on the tuckbox lid and so have all been discounted over 50% from $19.95 to $9.95. The rest of the box and the cards inside remain in great condition.



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