Empire Poker Coin Cards

Empire Poker Card Guard

A limited edition and rare memento of
the iconic Empire playing cards.

Empire Poker Coin Sides
Empire Poker Coin Stack
Empire Poker Coin Edge
Empire Poker Coin Back

Rare Memento.

The Limited Edition Empire playing cards were designed with a deeper purpose. Obsessively beautiful art with a call for us to live bolder. To celebrate Empires' launch, we solidified that spirit into the beautiful, black and gold plated, 1.5 inch Empire Poker Card Guard.

Originally offered only to a select few, the card guard is now available as one of the last few mementos from the original Empire decks rare existence.

With only a small handful remaining, if you want to claim your piece of Empires history, this is the time. A stunning addition to your Empire collection or a commanding weapon at the poker table.

Keep it close to remind you that your life is your Empire. Live one worth remembering.

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