Empire Anything is Possible Bottle

Anything is Possible Bottle

Featuring Empire Limited Edition playing cards.
Signed. Numbered. Impossibly rare.

Empire Anything is Possible Bottle Inside
Empire Anything is Possible Bottle Side
Empire Anything is Possible Bottle Signed
Empire Anything is Possible Bottle Close

Anything is Possible

For the visionaries, dreamers and magical believers among us, impossible is just a state of mind.

Masterfully handmade by Vancouver magician Jamie D. Grant, hours of painstaking artistry are poured into each Anything Is Possible Bottle. He says, "It's the one secret left in magic that isn't for sale." But this is no magic trick. Impossibly locked inside a genuine, solid glass, unaltered milk bottle (too large to even fit through it's neck!) you'll find a real, shrink-wrapped, factory-sealed deck of the Empire Limited Editions. Our rare and most sought after playing cards.

Made using Jamie's closely guarded secret, his bottles are celebrated by artists, collectors and celebrities the world over. From David Blaine to JJ Abrams, Derren Brown to Shepard Fairey and more.

With our Limited Edition Empires locked inside, they make an extremely rare gift. Each one signed and numbered by Jamie and Empire artist Lee McKenzie, it's a truly unique and mystifying magical wonder. One that will never cease to inspire the dreamer in you.

Just 12 were bottles made. Only a few remain. It's time you held the impossible in your hands.

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