Empire Bloodlines Poker Coin

Empire Bloodlines Card Guard

Defend your hand like your Empire
with this Bloodlines edition beast.

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To them, it's just a game.
They see it played on T.V. and now everyone wants a piece. Fish playing in an ocean of sharks. Poker is war. But having two fists doesn't mean you can fight.

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If you want an edge, play the man not the cards.
Intimidation and deception are as lethal as a check-raise on the river. Strike fear in his every move and he’s beat before the cards touch the table.

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Empire Bloodlines Poker Coin Kings & Crooks


Luck is for the weak.
The helpless sheep stumbling into the lions den. Psychological warfare is the weapon of choice on the felt battlefield. With this beast of a card guard in your corner, the table knows you came for blood.

Make Your Own Luck.

Inspired by the Empire Bloodlines playing cards, this beastly poker card guard is a 2", heavy-duty, triple-threat.

Bad and beautiful in black and silver, the beautifully sculpted 3d coin features the Kings & Crooks "Dealers in Deception" motto inscribed on one side and "Bloodlines" scrolled around the sword handle on the other. Artwork taken directly from the playing cards themselves, it's a psychological weapon of deception in your high-stakes poker arsenal.

Defend your hand like your Empire. Keep it with you as a bold reminder that in the game of life, on the street or at the card table, you make your own luck.