Outlaws are Marked

Your Outlaw Hell Riders carry a hidden weapon. 

Wanna know their dirty little secret?
They're fully marked.


Lost amongst the damaged cracks and grime of the custom aged back design lies a hidden marking system that's almost impossible to detect by the untrained eye.

Once you know the secret to the marking system on the back of each card, after some practice you'll have the ability to know the value and suit of every card at a glance.

They're also fully readable at a dealing distance (assuming your eyesight is good to begin with). And unlike some other marked decks out there, you won't need a masters degree in higher mathematics and physics to crack the code either.

Through careful placement, camouflage and design, they arouse minimal suspicion during use and come out clean after a "riffle test" too.

They're a great tool for magic and sleight of hand demonstrations with endless applications, but ripping off friends or strangers at the poker table is not cool. Unless you're ok with losing your kneecaps, then that's on you. We don't recommend it and we take a firm 'pro kneecaps' position on the issue.

With that said, here's the secret of our Outlaw Hell Riders marking system.