Summer is in full swing here on the east coast which means every day is tshirt weather. We all have our favorite go-to tees but sometimes we need to add something new. We hope that one (or all) of these 3 new minimalist tees will become new favorites: JuggleRipple Effect, and Pinnacle.

One of my favorite things to hear from people is how many comments they receive from friends and strangers whenever they wear an Ugmonk tee. With light summer colors and minimalist designs these new tees will help you stand out in the sea of status quo. Pick up the 3 new tees here 


I just did a fun interview with a new site called Minimums. The concept behind the site is to feature “the most interesting possessions of the world’s most interesting people.” Though I’m still not sure that I qualify as “most interesting in the world” it was fun to think about 8 of my favorite things and what them mean to me. Some of the items I selected are based on utility and things I use every day while other items are more about sentimental value and the stories behind them. We often surround ourselves with so much stuff that we get lost in the clutter and lose sight of what things actually add value to our lives.

The beautiful photography for the feature was shot by Parikha Mehta, who’s also based in the same area of Pennsylvania that I live in. It’s cool how projects likes this connected me with another local creative who I may have never would have met otherwise. Check out more of Parikha’s work here.